Generations Firearm Training

Generations Firearms Training’s Head Trainer, Jim Neff, will be on Kate Krueger Talking Guns Sunday, talking about training under stressful conditions and integrating armed and unamed takeaways and disarms into your training regimen.

About Jim Neff
Jim Neff is one of the most-experienced NRA Training Counselors in Arizona. He has taught thousands of people to safely use a gun, both in the home as and while carrying concealed. Jim specializes in training men, women and entire families to defend themselves in armed and unarmed situations.

About Kate Krueger
Kate Krueger is a nationally-known firearms radio host and gun store owner.She has a strong firearms and martial arts background and  is an NRA Instructor and a certified Arizona Concealed Carry instructor. Her radio show, Talking Guns, is heard Sundays in the Phoenix area on KFNX 1100AM.

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