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Team Building Classes

Start your team-building experience off with a bang.

A corporate event from Generations Firearms can cement an important deal or knit your team together into a cohesive, well-drilled unit.

Corporate Events

Want to treat your clients to an experience they’ll really remember, or do something special for your next team-building event? Take them to the range!

At our corporate events, you not only get a great atmosphere for casual business, you receive the best training possible from our expert instructors. This event involves basic shooting, practical shooting, fun shooting, shoot and scoot, split second decision making, movement from cover, and protecting third parties. Participants will shoot several types and calibers of handguns over the course of the event and come away with a new-found sense of confidence and an experience they’ll never forget. We tailor our instruction to each individual and adjust to their physical abilities so everyone has a great time on the range.

The two places many deals are made at are the golf course and the gun range. This is an active, exciting event that your clients or team will talk about for years.

Price includes firearms, unlimited ammunition, catering, eye protection and hearing protection. Extended events also available.

Contact us for more information and available dates.

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