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In the past many shooters have been trained by their fathers. We now have Generations of citizens who were never trained in firearm safety. Most firearm owners own a gun to protect their home. Two things you should never train your spouse’s in, are driving a stick shift or firearm safety. Certified instructors are trained to deliver the most important aspect of firearm ownership, SAFETY. They also assure the maximum amount of learning and retention per training segment. 99.9% of the time, when you hear of shooting accidents on the news it is caused by unsafe gun handling. Do you want to ensure your family is safe around guns? Do you want to be able to protect your family and your home? Do you want safe hunting practices? Basic instruction involves values you can pass down to your grandchildren.

Many instructors teach their own “hayfield” Basic Pistol, or Pistol 101, Pistol 102. While custom classes have their place, why do instructors who promote themselves as NRA Instructors teach these odd classes? Profits. NRA courses are structured. They are nationally recognized. Instructors are required to hold the highest standards of excellence. Is Pistol 101 recognized by any other instructor outside of the facility that administered the course. Can you continue your training elsewhere?

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