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Deterring an attack in the home

The best way to survive an attack in the home is to encourage bad guys ( non gender specific) to go some ware else. Lets talk about deterrents.
The first thing you should do is ensure all windows have good locks. Sticks in window frames and sliding glass doors are not only inexpensive but they work. Make sure sliding doors and windows can’t be “lifted” out of their frames.
Put up a “No Trespassing” and “Beware of Dog” sign.
Security systems are a great deterrent and can also summon help. If you don’t have one make a nice sign and place it in a window where the shape can be seen but the writing is difficult. Make it look professional.

Use outside lighting. Plant prickly shrubs or cactus under windows. Don’t let shrubs get big enough or high enough to hide an attacker. Lock gates to back yards so no one can “accidently” walk in.
Secure your garage door opener. This can not only help protect your car but can also keep an intruder from using your own tools to break in.

Install solid doors and reinforced frames. Security screens are very economical and can be decorative. Use a double key dead bolt on the screen door so if someone does break in they can’t just carry everything out the door. NEVER lock a double key dead bolt when someone is home. This is so you can get out of the house quickly if you need to.

Dogs are another deterrent. Ankle biters that yap are more likely to drive off a threat than a big dog that would be more likely to wait quietly then counter attack. If you don’t have a dog here’s some ideas.
Buy the biggest dog dish you can find. One big enough to water an elephant would be better. Put it outside your front door or where it can be seen. Keep it clean and move it a little every few days. Buy a Frisbee and have someone you know let their dog play with it and chew it up. Place it near the dog dish. Have a big chain placed in the back yard near a dish and disappearing around the house.

Beware of signs that reflect you might have guns inside. This could be a deterrent or an incentive.

Lights on automatic timers can work but must be altered so a pattern isn’t easily detected. When your on vacation make sure there are no old newspapers in the driveway. Have a neighbor pick up the mail.

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