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How often do you  shoot under low light conditions? Are you trained to shoot with a flashlight? Mounted light verses separate light? Laser, fiber optics, glow in dark sights? No light, mid light, varying light? Most answers aren’t right or wrong it’s a matter of training and preference.

All of the training we do is compounded by low light conditions. We now must shoot with one hand or a less supported hand then our standard two hand grip. We now must focus a light and a gun and control each independently and together. We haven’t even considered reloading.

 We are going to begin discussing the  large amount of variables we need to consider in the decisions and training we undergo to not only survive under these conditions but to thrive under these conditions. We will look at inside and outside the home.

Lets discuss a mounted light. 

 You wake with a start in the middle of the night. Was that glass breaking? Only you and your spouse have access to your home. No one else. You reach over and feel the large “lump” under the covers. You reach for the nightstand where you access your firearm. Do you wear glasses? Do you have a flashlight? Let’s work with a mounted light. Their advantage is where the light goes the gun gos. At this point the smart thing to do is to hold your ground and call the police. For reasons of your own you decide to investigate. As you begin to go down the hall your spouse comes around the corner. The “lump” in bed was the ball of covers bunched up when they got out of bed. With a mounted light you probably swept an unidentified target, your spouse.


As you begin down the hall a masked figure charges you with a knife. The light and gun are on target.

Let’s look at a separate light

As you pick up your firearm and light you begin to investigate. Chin or neck hold? Harries? FBI? Chapman? Rogers or “cigar”?

As you move down the hall you decided to use a chin or neck hold with your gun in a SUL, SUEL position. Your spouse comes around the corner. Your gun is pointed at the ground. Target identified.


As you start down the hall a masked figure points a gun at you.

Swith to FBI as you defend? Wand? ( Wanding is moving the flashlight around to confuse incoming fire.)  

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