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We recommend NRA personal protection courses for starting your personal protection training. These courses are nationally recognized and you can take your training to the next level anywhere in the country.

NRA Personal Protection I: Personal Protection in the Home

Price $85.00 8 Hours
This class is an advanced class to the Basic Pistol class This class is recommended for all homeowners who own and maintain a firearm for home defense and all residents win the home who have access to home defense firearms and have the ability to use them in an a defensive situation. The NRA Basic Pistol class, other firearms classes or experience are required as a prerequisite. Students will need to bring a revolver or pistol, a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition and comfortable shoes to move in. Long pants are recommended.
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NRA Personal Protection II: Personal Protection Outside the Home

Price $175.00 16+ Hours
This class is an advanced class to the Basic Pistol and Personal Protection Inside the Home classes and is a first for the NRA. This class is an instructional class to teach lawfully armed civilians to carry a firearm for personal defense and defense of others, how to access and carry a firearm, justification and use of deadly force, legal aspects of deadly force and defensive shooting techniques. This is a must for any civilian carrying an open or concealed firearm.
CCW is a licensing class. This class teaches HOW to carry a firearm.
This is an advanced class. The NRA Basic Pistol class and Personal Protection Inside The Home or other classes and experience is required as a prerequisite. If your experience is other than NRA classes and you wish to take this class, please contact us.

Students will need to bring a revolver or pistol, a minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition, a strong side hip holster that is non-collapsing, a belt or duty belt, a pull-over shirt or sweater that covers the firearm, a button-down shirt that covers the firearm, and long pants and shoes that you can move briskly in. Pouches for speed loaders or magazines are recommended. A second, smaller backup firearm could also be used in class for those who have one. Ankle holsters, gun purses or fanny packs can be used as well. Students must be in fair health.
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